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It’s not if, it’s when.

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Even the most cautious and careful drivers are at risk of accidental damage. And in our experience, it’s not a matter of IF. It’s a matter of WHEN that damage will occur. Shopping carts, sporting equipment, and tight parking spaces are just a few of the leading causes of minor dents and dings.

So what’s the solution? Xzilon’s Paint Protection When Dents Occur utilizes our industry-leading carbon ceramic exterior formula to provide a layer of durable protection from the daily threats our vehicles face, no matter where we drive. Our unique formula adds both strength and flexibility back to the painted surfaces of your vehicle, making the paint-less dent removal process easier and less likely to end with paint breakage.

Quick Hits

  • Ultra high-gloss finish

  • Anti-static finish repels dirt, dust, and grime

  • Protects at temperatures up to 700°F

  • Covalently bonds to ensure long-term protection

  • Environmentally friendly, no VOCs or CFCs

Xmicrobe carries the industry’s highest safety rating and has a long history of efficacy, with over 4 decades of use worldwide. It’s installed in just minutes with an electric sprayer, coating all areas of your cabin, trunk/cargo spaces, and the hard-to-reach places like between the seats and through the A/C ventilation system - where traditional stain protection products won’t go - to give you total environment protection. With Xmicrobe, you can regain your peace-of-mind and protect what matters most.

What’s Covered?

  • Minor dents and dings on painted body panels

Contact the Finance or Service department at Jaguar South Orlando today to learn more!

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