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Protection For What Keeps You Moving, Protection For Your Peace-of-Mind

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Screens of all shapes and sizes have revolutionized the interior of our vehicles and command our attention throughout the driving experience in order to keep us moving. As a result, they deserve to be protected like the rest of our vehicle.

Touch screens, whether in your pocket or in your vehicle, are loaded with unseen sensors and high-level technology. The slightest damage to the receptive surface of the screen can easily render the technology below it useless. This can lead to frustration, more dangerous driving conditions, and the devaluation of your vehicle. Protecting the touch screen’s surface with TouchScreen+ Glass Modifier is a key step in maintaining the appearance and value of your vehicle, and ultimately your peace of mind.

Xzilon’s TouchScreen+ Glass Modifier covalently bonds to the surface of your vehicle’s touch screen to ensure long-term protection from scratching, chipping, and cracking. With this protective layer, the touch screen surface will be easier to clean and maintain, keeping you ready for the road ahead.

And for best results, use Xzilon’s Shield & Shine as an easy cleaning and maintenance tool for your touch screen, all of your device screens, and even eyeglasses!

Quick Hits

  • Industry’s first touch screen surface protection product

  • Covalently bonds to ensure long-term protection

  • Carries the industry’s highest safety rating

  • Increases strength and durability

  • Eco-friendly, no VOCs or CFCs

  • Easy to clean and maintain

  • Helps avoid costly repairs

  • Transferable warranty, nationwide coverage

Contact the Finance or Service department at JAGUAR SOUTH ORLANDO today to learn more!

TouchScreen+ Glass Modifier from Xzilon Protection Products on Vimeo.

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