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Xzilon Molecular Adhesion

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Years ago, when lead was removed from auto paint, the paint lost softness, flexibility, and luster. The powder-coating paint used today is just a fraction of the thickness that paint used to be! This leaves our vehicles more vulnerable than ever before. Our Carbon Ceramic with Graphene Exterior Paint Protection adds back the softness, flexibility, and durability that lead used to provide while also leaving a finish with luster.

Most products offered today are simply waxes or wax-based solutions. While these have been popular for generations, they simply fail to maximize the protection of your vehicle. Waxes and similar wax-based products emulsify (or break down) from the surface with just the kind of surface heat (150°F) your vehicle faces on a daily basis. Which means you may be unprotected within a matter of months, leaving your vehicle’s appearance and value at great risk.

Xzilon’s advanced chemistry is not wax, solvent, or silicone-based and is designed to maximize the protection of your vehicle. The ceramic and graphene add slickness, shine, and elevated heat resistance (up to 700ºF) while the carbon adds additional flexibility to the coating (most ceramic coatings tend to break down along the sharper body-lines of today’s vehicles). And because it covalently bonds to your vehicle’s clear coat, you can be sure that it’s there to last. So you can drive off the lot with confidence and be ready for the road ahead!


  • Ultra high-gloss finish

  • Aviation-grade

  • Anti-static to repel dirt, dust, and grime

  • Protects at temperatures up to 700°F

  • Covalently bonds to ensure long-term protection

  • Environmentally friendly, no VOCs or CFCs

  • Helps avoid costly repairs

  • Transferable warranty, nationwide coverage

How Does It Protect You?

Etching damage caused by:

  • Hard water

  • Bird droppings

  • Tree sap

  • Love bugs and other insects

  • Industrial fallout

  • Acid rain

  • Road salt

  • Road de-icing agents

  • More!

Exterior Protect-Carbon Ceramic with Graphene Technology from Xzilon Protection Products on Vimeo.

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