Jaguar Reviews



Car and Driver, 2012
The car's dirty bits all carry over, and with a 385-hp V-8 as the base engine and a price-of-entry at $53,375, who cares? The XF is one of the sharpest steers in the class, and offers an excellent ride-and-handling balance."

Consumer Guide, 2012
"For those wanting distinctive style and fresh, 'gee-whiz' technological features, this premium-midsize sedan should be near the top of your shopping list."

Inside Line, 2012
"No more googly cat eye lamps, no more silver-painted dash buttons, revised gauges, slightly bigger taillights and the now-ubiquitous LED running lamps. Looks good." 2012
"Jaguar has revised the exterior styling of its 2012 XF and XFR sport sedans, but even though the changes are relatively small, the impact on the car's appearance is quite dramatic.", 2012
Unique features such as a start button that pulsates red, vents that rotate open and a gear selector that rises from the center console on start-up give the 2012 Jaguar XF a high-tech feel that many rivals can't match.

Consumer Guide, 2012
"The new XJ marks a shift in styling from previous generations. It has a distinctive presence outside and splendid materials inside."

Edmunds, 2012
"Granted, choosing an absolute winner in a class that includes the 7 Series and S-Class as well as the Audi A8 and Porsche Panamera is near impossible. Each car has particular individual strengths. When it comes to the best combination of style, dynamic substance and value, however, it's hard to top the 2012 Jaguar XJ."